In Pictures: Actor Naumaan Ijaz & His Son's Ramp Walk Steals The Show!

In Pictures: Actor Naumaan Ijaz & His Son’s Ramp Walk Steals The Show!

naumaan ijaz son ramp walk

Naumaan Ijaz, is one name that needs no introduction. We all know how he has ruled the television screens for decades. He is known among fans for his charming personality and excellent acting skills as well as good looks. But have you seen his son? Looks like we have another Ijaz in the making as Naumaan Ijaz’s son ramp walks with him!

Ijaz resides in Lahore with his family and he frequently travels to Karachi for work. He has always played roles that have garnered attention and it goes without saying that he effortlessly garners love from people.

His popular work includes Jackson Heights, Dasht, Yeh Zindagi, Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi, and many more.

naumaan ijaz ramp walk
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Apart from being an outstanding actor, he is also a loving husband and a father of three sons. Ijaz is one of the few celebrities who is often seeing spending quality time with his wife and kids. Well, yes, he is certainly a family-oriented man! The actor makes sure to spend some quality time with family despite having an extremely busy schedule.

The Kuch Khawab Thay Mere actor has always been there for his sons, supporting and encouraging them to achieve their life goals. The father and sons share a great bond together.

And recently, Naumaan Ijaz was seen doing a ramp walk along with his son, who appeared as a model for the first time. Well, it looks like his son is all set to join the showbiz industry. The father and son duo looked absolutely charming and handsome walking on ramp. It would suffice to say that they totally stole the show!

Let’s check out some of the clicks

ramp walk
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ramp walk show celeb

Oh, so charming, aren’t they? Let’s not forget to ward off the evil eye and say MashAllah!

We are not sure as of now if his son would be appearing on our screens anytime soon or if he some other career plans. But what we do know is that he definitely has some big shoes to fill. Despite that, one thing is for sure and that is, he would totally rock the screens with his good looks.

Naumaan Ijaz is a celebrated and accomplished actor and a producer who is unstoppable! Earlier, the actor was spotted with his family attending a wedding event. While all of them looked absolutely stunning, his sons caught our attention right away looking as handsome as their father.

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