These Luxurious Camping Pods For Vacations In Nathia Gali Are Definitely Instagram Worthy!

Nathia Gali Camping Pods

Tourism in Pakistan has the potential that wasn’t tapped into before, but now the incumbent government is making considerable efforts towards marking Pakistan as one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Pakistan is a hidden jewel of South East Asia with abundant natural and historical riches yet to be discovered by the world. But in order to attract the tourists, Pakistan cannot completely rely on the God gifted beauty of the northern areas and need to make adequate adjustments like attractive accommodations which come with added perks.

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KP Government seems to have the hang of these matters as they launch Instagram worthy camping pods Nathia Gali!

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Pods are multi-functional according to Nathia Gali’s Weather.

Located at Link Road Nathia Gali, these camping pods were well thought out by the government. These picturesque pods are made from lightweight and thermally insulated fiberglass composite material, making them Pakistan’s first composite dome resort. Because of the material utilized, the pods are perfect for camping even in super low temperatures of Nathia Gali.

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It goes to show how much planning was placed into this project considering the tourism graph drops considerably low during the winters as the temperature becomes unbearable for humans. However, these insulated pods will provide a safe space during harsh winters.

They kept the aesthetics on-trend as well.

Since the current tourism trend is quite big on interior aesthetics, the government nailed it by introducing a minimal yet chic interior.

What looks like a cupboard is actually a washroom. Pastels and white really make the space look larger and inviting. 

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It’s all about the breathtaking views. Placing a large window that opens towards the natural scenery inviting natural light in is the ultimate bliss. 

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It’s the little details that make up the entire experience. These dotted lights sure bring out the fun aspect of a washroom. 

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Who wouldn’t want to stay here! 

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The interior is definitely cozy and inviting but let’s not forget the outer beauty that these pods bring out, especially at night. 

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In order to really elevate the tourism bar in Pakistan, the KP government has made credible efforts. Providing tourists with mesmerizing attractions in-line with the international standards will really bring in the money that PM Imran has envisioned boosting Pakistan’s economy.

On top of launching these great camping pods in Nathia Gali, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government also opened four of its rest houses in Nathia Gali including the Governor House and Chief Minister House for the general public.

Soon Pakistan will make its way to the top in the tourism game and it will become one of the hot picks for people to visit. These projects and efforts will pay off once along with these successful projects, top-notch marketing is executed. For now, let’s head over to NathiaGali!

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