Nasser Hussain Prompted A Debate With His Witty Question On Twitter

Nasser Hussain Prompted A Debate On Twitter With His Witty Question

Its CWC19 and everyone around the world is excited to see who will take the cup home. So watching just your own teams match is not the real deal especially if you’re a Pakistani cricket fan. Nasser Hussain knew this and he was witty enough to ask a question that would catch instant attention of Pakistanis.

As soon as his tweet got up on the internet, everyone was retweeting and sharing their opinions on it.

Who are you supporting in England vs India?

This was the question that England’s Nasser Hussain had up in his tweet which triggered the nation to instantly respond. It’s a match between England and India, but Nasser very smartly got Pakistani fans engaged in it. After Pakistan’s win against New Zealand on Wednesday, Pakistanis are confident that the team has the potential to get to the semi-finals. Of course, for that, we have our eyes on every World Cup match.

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However, now our extreme focus, thanks to Nasser Hussain, is on England vs India.

Why is this CWC19 match so important?

England has lost its place in the table after facing a defeat against Australia on Tuesday. Now its just one point ahead Bangladesh and Pakistan. So losing this match would make England’s place in the charts very crucial. So the team has to win both upcoming matches against India and New Zealand to qualify for the knockout round. However, England vs India is sure going to be interesting.

The reason why Pakistanis were triggered by the tweet

As Pakistan’s start in CWC19 was pretty disastrous losing three out of five matches, Pakistanis were losing hope for semi-finals. But after the team’s sensational comeback in last two matches the nation has begun to dream for the semi-finals again.

However, to see that dream come true its important for Pakistan to improve its position in the charts. And it’s equally important that the position of other teams weaken. SO, Nasser Hussain’s question who are we supporting? If we support India, we rise up in the charts but support India…?

That’s where the situation gets funny for Pakistanis. Supporting India is the last thing a Pakistani would do. But for this match, we don’t really have another choice, do we? Nasser certainly wanted the Pakistanis to say it out loud if they are supporting India or not.

We sure are competitive when it comes to India but no personal grudges overpower our passion for the World Cup. Although this is a developed fact, how could we say it out loud? So Pakistanis had their own unique responses to Nasser Hussain’s tweet.  Some of them are really hilarious.

Tact # 1: Walling behind Allama Iqbal

Tact # 2: The glass isn’t half empty, it’s half full

Tact # 3: The Politician

Tact # 4: Evoking Anti-British Sentiments

Tact # 5: Be Straight Forward

We all have our own ways but what we actually mean is, we want the World Cup so yeah if its England Vs India, we choose “India! India!”.

Now let’s hope supporting India actually benefits us and the Pakistani team’s spot in Semi-Finals of CWC19 starts to shine bright. That is all we want.

Who are you supporting? Let us know in the comments.

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