Nasir Khan Jan’s Cover of Closer by Chainsmokers Will Make You ‘Ahhn Ahhnn Aahann Can’t Stop’!

You ahhh ahnnn ahnnnn can’t stop. Literally! That’s what’s going to happen after you listen to Nasir Khan Jan’s rendition of the ever so famous song Closer by Chainsmokers.

Hands down, the most cringe-worthy character on Pakistani social forums, Nasir Khan Jan has swept us right off our feet yet again. This time, he’s brought something we just couldn’t ignore. Literally, still can’t stop ‘ahh ahnnning’. We’re not huge fans of promoting talentless people, but for the first time, we’ve come to recognize the immense talent of our very own Nasir Khan Jan!



Chainsmokers who?

Out of all the songs, our pseudo-celebrity from Facebook has made, this is hands down his best performance yet. Before the song, Nasir Khan Jan starts by addressing the audience, the precious people who follow his skits and covers.

The lyrics to Nasir Khan’s rendition of Closer read:



“Today I want sing song for you all friends and fans, kyun ke is song ki bohot hi ziyada demand ai thi.. closer song.. too much famous song!” 

“I drink too much that I issue.. but I’m okay.. you tell your friends I was nice to meet you.. but I hope I never see them AGAYNAA!”

“I know it’s break you heart to moo to the seeti it’s broken down for years.. no CALLSER! Now you looking preeti hotal bar and ahhh AHHHH AHHANNN can’t stop!” 

“So baby pull me closer in backseat you COVER that I know you cannot…”

Well, that’s all what we could decypher. But damnnnn that “AHHH AHHH AHHHAANNN Can’t stop! Not only this, you can see Nasir Khan Jan, throughout the video, laugh while he sings. That must mean something!

Indeed, this was a staggering performance by Nasir Khan Jan and I don’t think we’ll be able to ‘ahh ahh ahhhan stop!’ anytime soon. Listen to the cover and tell us how you feel about it.

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