Nasir Khan Jan’s Steamy Bodybuilding Tips Are Making Every Guy “Sharam Se Pani Pani”

With the rapid growth of social media influencers, everyone seems to have jumped on the bandwagon! Now anyone who can click some good photos, or dresses well, or has some makeup skills turns out to be a microblogger. But the reason this all works is that now this is just another fashion. Everyone follows every one since, nobody wants to miss anything, the so-called fear-of-missing-out FOMO. No wonder why everyone is getting clicks like anything.

Apart from makeup, lifestyle, photography there’s another kind of content that’s spread like butter over the internet. That type of content can’t be put into any category, it has the name of its own; Nasir Khan Jan! Nam he kafi hai

He started making his videos, back in 2015. Look at him, he’s so shy and MUCH shareef! LOL.

Must watch

Posted by Nasirkhanjan on Monday, November 30, 2015

But now, he’s all over the internet. He knows it all, he’s nothing less than a celebrity. If you live in Pakistan and don’t know Nasir Khan then sorry, you must re-check your nationality!

After EVERYTHING that he has tried, now he’s all up for giving bodybuilding tips to people

He’s definitely going to give all the fitness freaks some tough time. Just look at his muscles (read; muscaals) 😀

Nasir has previously done some Adh budh acts in his videos. If you know what I mean 😉 he not only taught people how to eat carrot, banana, eggs and what not but now he’s teaching people how to loosen it all up. Great work maayynn! But how many of you noticed that what he has used as his dumbells? Haha, if you didn’t go watch it again. Cheers. 😉

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