Nasir Khan Jan has a Message for Actress Neelam Munir and We’re Like, “NO WAY!”

You know that you follow his page, love his videos and get entertained by all his videos. Yes, we’re talking about none other than Nasir Khan Jan! There is no doubt that this guy knows how to entertain his followers. His famous video on “how to eat a carrot”, his amusing birthday wishes and his song dedications is what tops the list. You gotta give it to this guy – as he now has over 200k likes on the page!

We’ve seen him do crazy, outrageous things and at times, he has even grossed out many of us. Remember the time when he took up the unique challenge of gobbling down cake and noodles? Sick! However, eating cake, apples, carrots etc. has never been the same for us, now. Agreed?

But recently, what has gone viral is his video message for the famous tv actress and model, Neelam Munir! You read that right. Nasir Khan Jan, in the video, claimed that Neelum Munir is his best friend and also hinted that ‘something’ is cooking up between the two. He further added that he would LOVE to work with her as they belong from the same place.

Nasir Khan Jan had a lot more to say to her in the video below – enjoy

Only for beautiful neelum muneer

Posted by Nasirkhanjan on Sunday, November 12, 2017

Okayyyy… did this video make you a little awkward and uncomfortable? We sure know why! Well, we’re really anxious to know about the ‘khichdi’ that is cooking between the two. Let’s see if Neelum Munir shares the same thoughts as Nasir and we really hope Neelam fulfills his khwaaish of working together!

We wonder who he’s reaching out to next and what his next video will be about. We’ll have to wait and see! How many of you are actually following him and love his videos? Let us know in the comments! 😀

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