Nasir Khan Jan Has a Unique Challenge for You and We Dare You to Accept It

If you have seen Nasir Khan Jan doing his pointless things then you have seen everything. This guy who has taken a toll on the social media continues to remain relevant by the obnoxious videos he continues to post on Facebook. In fact, Nasir Khan Jan has become one of the most trending profiles on the social network and his offbeat popularity is unbelievable.

You have seen this guy going outrageous miles trying crazy things. You saw Nasir Khan Jan versus an apple; Nasir Khan Jan versus a carrot; Nasir Khan Jan versus Biryani and what not. Now he has a challenge for you and we dare you to take it!

Try not to gross out… GOOD LUCK!


Source: Giphy

Come on, you cannot bail out.

I am sure eating a cake will never be the same for you again. It’s a certain kind of a cake that is available in bakeries and I bet you would never want to have it again after watching this video. I mean, how did not this guy choke on it? He has nominated all of his viewers and I wonder who would be up for trying it out…

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