You Need To See This Amazing Body Transformation Of Nasir Khan Jan

You Need To See This Amazing Body Transformation Of Nasir Khan Jan Shown In His New Video!

We have all mocked him. We have all made fun of him. We have all abused him and we have called him with names without even thinking how we are bullying someone on social media. Regardless of what someone may think about him even now, he sure as hell has set an example in one department: to be confident no matter what people say. And this picture is a perfect example:

Facebook: Nasirkhanjan

When Nasir Khan Jan first started making videos, this is what he looked like:


Even then he had confidence in himself:


Eventually, he became skinnier day by day and a number of people talked about how he must be a patient of a health situation which makes him look so tired and skinny.

Facebook: Nasir Khan Jan

Proving all his haters wrong, this recent transformation of Nasir Khan Jan is definitely setting examples!

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And look at him here:

Facebook: Nasir Khan Jan

Nasir Khan Jan has improved so much that he is actually giving tips to his viewers on how to reduce belly fat and get abs in his recent video. That, my friend, is what I call confidence.

He first shares how before working out, wear a belt on your stomach so that your belly fat melts with great intensity. In addition to this, he also talks about the importance of push-ups and how they help in burning belly fat. Here’s the link to the video:

People who watched his video shared their remarks too!

So True LOL!

Facebook: Nasir Khan Jan

Absolutely True!

Facebook: Nasir Khan Jan

Changing Haters To Followers, How About That?

Facebook: Nasir Khan Jan

Spot On!

Many people regarded him with terms like “gay”, “khusra” and “mareez”. His statement “Assalumailekum my name is Nasir Khan Jan” became a trending meme tagline in 2016. What people don’t see is that yes, this guy was and is causing no harm to anyone on social media. He speaks his heart out. He celebrates life by giving something to followers to cherish on. He wishes his well-wishers and respects whatever people throw at him. Regardless of how many have cyber-bullied him, Nasir Khan Jan did not back out and his transformation is an example of it.

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