NASA Honors 13-Year-Old Pakistan’s Anti-Sleep Glasses Formula

NASA anti sleep glasses

NASA has recognized 13-year-old Bisma Salangi of Karachi’s Evergreen Secondary School for her outstanding accomplishments in the development of the anti-sleep glasses formula. She developed a unique set of glasses that may help in preventing drivers from sleeping off behind the wheel.

NASA Honors 13-Year-Old Pakistan's Anti-Sleep Glasses Formula

The purpose of these anti-sleep glasses is to encourage and prevent traffic accidents. Her creation won NASA over, and she has been invited to their camp to improve her abilities and produce even more incredible inventions.

During an interview with a local television network, Bisma Salangi highlighted the capabilities of Pakistanis and the value of patience in achieving extraordinary things.

Drivers and other road users are in danger of sleepy driving both in Pakistan and across the world. The World Health Organization reports that exhaustion-related accidents account for many traffic events.

Drowsy drivers are less aware, have brief periods of unconscious sleep, have difficulty making decisions, and are more likely to drift or depart from their lane. It is critical to spread knowledge of the dangers of sleepy driving, learn to spot the symptoms, prioritize getting enough sleep, and promote the use of alternate modes of transportation.

Innovative solutions to this problem are developed in large part by inventors like Bisma Salangi. Their creations might potentially save a great number of lives on the road.

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