Boys, Here Are A Few Names You Should Never-Ever Call A Girl!

Cat-calling or labeling someone based on how their look is not only inappropriate but also depicts a lot regarding how you perceive women and how you were taught to. Sure, it seems all fun and jokes, but the minute you comment something on someone in front of a bunch of people, they start labeling them the same way you do.

Yes, you say all of the names in “shugal“. You are just sitting there, staring at every woman who walks past you, commenting and ‘rating’ her how good or bad she looks. How you talk to your friends when you are trying to tell them to “check her out”, that reflects a lot about your character too, FYI.

Anyways, if you are serious in terms of settling for someone good in your life, you need to avoid treating women like pieces of meat and stop calling them these names:

1. Bachi

Unless you have the adoption papers to prove she really is your bachi, save yourself the embarrassment of calling someone this.

2. Maal

What treasure are you actually talking about…?

3. Saudda

Uske saudday check kar” is probably one of the most disrespectful statements I have ever heard. Before hearing this myself, saudday always meant grocery items.

4. Piece


The only time you should be calling something a ‘piece’ is when you see a plate full of chicken. Or when you want someone to pass you the ‘piece’ of meat.

5. Item

Symbolizing girls with a new commodity? So.very.mature.

It is all about respecting women. No, you may never hear a woman symbolizing men with such names, the way many men do. Be the change in your circle who tells his friends and peers to stop using these names. Try it once because it is really does show how you are throwing away all the ethical teaching your family taught you.

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