Naimal Khawar Reveals Why She Did Her ‘Own’ Hair And Makeup On Nikah And We Love Her For It!

Beautiful ‘Anaa’ starlet Naimal Khawar recently tied the knot with Hamza Ali Abbasi in an intimate nikah ceremony that mesmerized everyone as the wedding was carried out with utter simplicity with only close friends and family in attendance; keeping the real essence of nikah alive.

More so, it was the bride that enchanted everyone as she exuded traditional old-school charm by wearing her mother’s wedding dress keeping the entire look simple and elegant whilst attaching special sentimental value to the entire get-up.

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Naimal recently on her Instagram revealed that not only she chose to opt for her mother’s timeless wedding dress with beautiful adjustments but also did her own hair and makeup.

She shared her inspiration and vision for keeping her bridal look simple yet absolutely stunning!

“The moment I realised I’m getting married, I knew I wanted to wear my Amma’s nikkah jora. I have always been drawn to old world charm and the nazakat of bridal joras from back in the day. There is also a certain emotional attachment that comes with wearing you mother’s jora,”

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Truly, the brides of the olden days possessed a certain charm and delicacy that faded away with the advancing time. She continues to laud the designer Maheen Shah for being skillful in making the minor changes enhancing the beauty of the Jora without changing it entirely.

She wrote, “here is also a certain emotional attachment that comes with wearing your mother’s jora. Maheen Shah helped me alter it exactly the way I wanted it, preserving its delicacy and purity but also creating something that looks good on me. Having worn it, I can say it was easily the best decision I made.”

One of the most important aspects of anyone’s big day is being able to enjoy and celebrate the happiness of starting the new chapter of your life with your spouse and loved ones. Naimal highlights how she chose to do her own makeup and hair, keeping it minimal as it was more about being comfortable enough to simply enjoy your shaadi. How apt!

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“I also did my own hair and makeup because I wanted to keep it simple and minimal. Your wedding day is supposed to be a happy day that you can truly enjoy. It’s okay if you don’t wear the heaviest jewellery and would rather keep it a little light. Your comfort and happiness is the most important thing!”

Via Maha’s Photography

Hamza and Naimal’s special day took the entire country with storm and they relished the simplicity and adored the gorgeous couple that radiated care-free happiness. Immediately the next day followed a star-studded reception that was equally charming. Her message has struck a chord and both of these cuties have reminded us how beautiful a small simple wedding can be, instead of the lavish extravaganza that has become the standard.

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Beautiful, isn’t it? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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