In Pictures: Naimal Khawar Looks Gorgeous At Her Sister’s Wedding

naimal khawar sister wedding pictures

Naimal Khawar Abbasi is a Pakistani actress, visual artist, painter, and social activist. Some of you might know her as Izza from Anaa, while others may know her as Mahgul from the movie Verna. Lately, the gorgeous actor Naimal Khawar was spotted at her sister’s wedding event pictures, looking absolutely stunning.

When Hamza Ali Abbasi tied the knot with Khawar seemingly out of nowhere in August 2019, the couple quickly became the hottest in town. Not only that but they also became the trendiest couple in Pakistan.

Almost every wedding that followed theirs featured a nikkah bride rocking Naimal’s look at her own nikkah.

hamza and naimal khawar
Source: Instagram

Now, almost a year into their marriage, the two continue to be a fan favorite in the country. With their pictures garnering thousands of hits on them, the couple knows what their fans like and deliver just that!

Effortlessly one of the most popular celebrity couples, Khawar and Abbasi’s social media is a testament to their love for each other – the two never tire of expressing it via loved up captions and cute selfies.

Earlier this year, as Pakistan’s beloved ‘IT’ couple, celebrated their one whole year of blissful marriage they also welcomed their son to their festivities who was born on July 30.

And now, Khawar’s younger sister is tying the knot, and people are already hooked! We all noticed a girl with blonde hair at the latter’s wedding, and after some research found out that she is actually Khawar’s sister – Fiza Khawar who is a lawyer by profession.

naimal khawar valima
Source: Instagram

From the pictures, looks like the wedding bells are ringing for Naimal Khawar’s little sister now! We have gathered a few pictures from the mayoun event, do check it out!

Here are some alluring pictures of bride-to-be Fiza Khawar

sister of naimal wedding
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mayoun bride to be
mayoun ceremony

Truly, the happiest brides are the prettiest!

sister wedding cousins
naimal khawar sister

Naimal Khawar spotted with killer looks

naimal khawar gorgeous
naimal khawar sister mayoun
naimal khawar sister mayoun

Beautiful sisters, aren’t they? Just look at how drop-dead gorgeous she looks in this mustard colored saree. And her sister looks no less, to say the least!

The Anaa star took to her Instagram handle shared a heartfelt note as her baby sister ties the knot. “Something so emotional about seeing your baby sister getting onto a new phase of her life. May Allah bless this new beginning,” Khawar penned down. We too wish all the best to the bride-to-be.

This week, Pakistani singer and scriptwriter Aima Baig’s sister also tied the knot. The songstress has been making headlines after her sister Komal Baig’s wedding photos caught everyone’s attention on social media. The latest pictures from the wedding event has fans mesmerized!

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