Naila Jaffri Made a Powerful Appearance on TV While Battling Cancer and Left Us Stunned

Actress Naila Jaffri, who has been battling cancer for the past few months and was admitted to Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi made a stunning appearance on live television. Cancer is one of the nemesis’ in the world and fighting the battle against it is never easy. No one can empathize with people who are engaged in the battle and there is absolutely nothing that can describe the bravery of all the victims in the world.

The veteran actress was recently discharged from hospital and was shifted to her residence in Karachi. Senior actors and many media officials reached to see her and blood donations were made on a very large scale for her. Now she made an appearance after being invited by Faisal Qureshi on his show. Check out the following pictures as they will surely make you happy!

Source: ARY News

The hospital made it clear that her treatment’s positive turn was underway and she would soon be granted recovery.

Source: ARY News

She looks very enlightening and we are glad she is fighting it so bravely!

Source: ARY News

Since we know how important some celebrities are in our society and the impact they have on common people, Naila Jaffri’s appearance on live television was very empowering and showcased her strength and bravery perfectly. Her graceful smile is worth everything now. Shout out to the media outlet for managing it. We must appreciate her effort and we must continue to remember her in our humblest prayers.

For every individual on earth who is battling cancer or any kind of fatal disease, may their burden be taken off and may their pain be eased. We wish all a healthy recovery!

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