‘My Breast Cancer Reminded Me That I Was Born Alone’ – Nadia Jamil Shares Her Experience

Nadia Jamil breast cancer experience

Very few people got the courage to fight against cancer. Nadia Jamil is one of them and she fought the battle brilliantly. Nadia Jamil is known for her outstanding acting performances that made her stand out among other actresses.

Her performance in ‘Behadh’ and other old drama serials led her to become one of the finest actors of her generation. Nadia Jamil on April 3rd revealed that she had breast cancer and she’s in her first stage.

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Her fans and family supported her throughout the journey, which motivated her to be stronger.

Nadia Jamil recently in an interview revealed that she’s feeling happier after cancer diagnosis and didn’t’ love herself before cancel.

Nadia Jamil Reveal The Secrets To Keep Yourself Physically Healthy

In July, Nadia Jamil recovered from a breast cancer disease, and then she decided to let the people know how they can keep track of their physical health. She explained everything in a telephonic conversation with Muneeba Mazari.

Source: Express Tribune

Muneeba said, “When Nadia was on her way to the hospital, she was on the phone with me. And when she was about to go inside, she asked me to pray for her. But the kind of bravery and strength she had in her voice, proved to me that she can survive anything.”

Nadia Jamil shared her experience while recalling all the memories, “I just constantly felt that I’m not alone, that there is a force holding me together. It was God, reassuring me with the life around me – even if it included trees – that I will live through this. So that gave me strength.”

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Muneeba further asked Nadia Jamil about her reaction when she found out about the disease. Nadia said, “My father had cancer, he fought it twice or thrice. My grandmother also had cancer and my grandfather died of it.

She Recalled Her Early Memory

So I always had that sense of responsibility towards myself that I have to take care of myself, and get regular checkups. So while taking a bath one day I felt a lump around my chest and I went to the doctor immediately,” she recalled.

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“My cancer was detected on stage one. But the tumor was on stage three, it was spreading quite rapidly. So had I even waited a month more, it could’ve spread into my bloodstream and my lymph nodes.”

She even shared how it helps her to stay motivated while sharing her journey on social media.

“When I was sharing my journey, a lot of people messaged me and I pray for them so much today because when I was all alone and only God and my 13-year-old son were with me.

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These people would share their own stories or their loved ones who had survived breast cancer. That gave me hope. Because when a person develops cancer, everyone around that person is affected too. So it’s very important for people to constantly support each other.”

“When I looked at myself in the mirror for the very first time after turning bald, I focused on how beautiful my eyes were. And that’s funny because I didn’t love myself before cancer.”

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She concluded the interview by saying, “My breast cancer reminded me that I was born alone and am bound to die alone, taking no one and nothing with me.

So might as well take care of who I am; the person I am and befriend her instead of constantly transforming and hiding her away with hair and makeup, instead of keeping up a façade.”

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