Nadia Jamil and Frieha Altaf Reveal Gruesome Details of How They Were Sexually Abused In their Childhood

Lately, Pakistani celebrities have been proactive and fully engaged in addressing the problem of child abuse, sexual harassment and alike using their power to influence. They have taken to social media platforms to express their opinions as well as reflect upon their experiences.

Nadia Jamil has rattled the social media fraternity in Pakistan after she revealed details of how she encountered abuse a child. It has followed the entire epidemic of the tragic murder of Zainab, a 7-year-old girl from Kasur, Punjab. Meanwhile, Pakistanis are actively engaged in addressing the societal dilemma of child abuse and more and more people encourage others to speak about it.


Meanwhile, Nadia Jamil, a popular actor and a face that we have got accustomed to all these years revealed gruesome details of how she faced child abuse. Having an engaging social media presence, she took to Twitter to reveal details in a series of tweets.

The first time it happened, she was only 4 years of age but it did not stop there…


She added how important it is to educate mindsets

Nadia laid great stress on why it’s no shame to talk about it

Nadia Jamil took a strong step here. She’s absolutely right about “speaking up” and addressing it on moral grounds. Meanwhile, another popular celebrity took inspiration and shed light on her account of abuse. Frieha Altaf, a renowned model, mom and an event manager, revealed details of how she encountered sexual abuse as a child. Here is the tweet by her:

It’s tragic to see that so many people have faced the trauma of sexual abuse in their childhood. For years, our society has not provided the victims some sort of support or any kind of empathy. All victims were rather suppressed but not anymore…

We appreciate and honor all those people who have bravely come out to speak about it.

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