WATCH: Nadia Hussain Spills The Tea On Why She Made Her Feud With Nabila Public

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Model and makeup artist Nadia Hussain recently spoke about her spat with makeup artist Nabila Maqsood, discussing why she made the incident public.

In May, Nadia launched a new makeup product – a makeup palette – for her beauty line. It is a one-product touch-up that can be used for a quick makeup application. When Nabila found out about Nadia’s latest product, a war of words began between the two. Nadia’s product was similar to Nabila’s product.

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“Don’t you have a brain of your own?” Nabila messaged her. Hussain shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with Nabila on social media. “Firstly, it’s not your copyright item. Secondly, it’s a totally different product anyway,” the model wrote. “You [Nabila] are a brand on your own. Why should it bother you? No need to be insecure.”

Nadia accompanied more screenshots with a fuming caption. “This is truly what being insecure means!” the model shared, adding, “I am just shocked, speechless, appalled, confused, and yet feel victorious at the same time”.

Talking about the same, Nabila later claimed that the makeup palette was a concept that was developed in her bag. The product was in the making for fifteen years before it hit the stores. After extensive research and development its made is Germany with the finest ingredients, she added.

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“While we don’t approve of plagiarism, we refuse to engage in desperate mudslinging efforts,” said Nabila on Instagram. While quoting Oscar Wilde, the makeup guru concluded, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”.

Nadia Hussain opens up about the feud

In a recent interview on a YouTube channel, the model talked about the incident with Nabila. “I was horrified at what had happened,” she said. “I mean why [show] this kind of attitude?”

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“I wrote back to Nabila saying you don’t have the copyright for this product and you are a brand of your own so there is no need to be insecure,” she added. “She read my message and blocked me on WhatsApp. Then she blocked me on her Instagram as well. The next day I posted about this whole incident.”

“There is no way I will allow anyone to trample on my feelings and my achievements,” Naida said. “Why should I? I really didn’t care who she was. If someone is going to behave in such an untoward way with me, and if I have an issue with that, especially somebody who’s well known, I will take them to task.”

As we said before, they could have handled the situation like adults. Nonethless, we hope both have put the incident behind them.

Nadia has previously also shared a screenshot of a scammer and exposed a producer for taking wrongful advantage of models. 

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