‘New Models Lack Both Class & Personality’ – Nadia Hussain Disapproves Of New Models

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Model Nadia Hussain and fashion designer Deepak Perwani recently sat down for an interview and reminisced about the good ol’ days, voicing their frustration with the way things are done today in the fashion industry.

The duo made an appearance on Time Out with Ahsan Khan. Speaking about her entry into the world of fashion, Nadia shared that she did her first shoot with Deepak. Meanwhile, Deepak talked about how the early 2000s were a different time.

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On keeping fashion and religion separate

The designer shared his opinion on how the shift away from more Western silhouettes is a downgrade. “At the time, we did not have this social media bullshit where people start commenting on everything.”

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“30 years down the line, I should be making even more progressive clothes than what I was making then. Now, I make everything full sleeves because that’s the only thing that sells. In 1994, we would sell only Western cuts. So, the market has not progressed, it has regressed.”

As the host suggested that there may be a need to cater to cultural sensitivities, Nadia retorted. “That’s something else. It is the moral brigade. Please, keep fashion and religion separate.”

Deepak added, “If they have not seen the world, how is that our fault? They are sitting at home on their computers. Go out, see the world, and then judge”.

Comparing newer models to the old ones

The model, later on in the chat, asserted how an old lot of fashion models were objectively better by virtue of the girls coming from “educated” backgrounds.

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Taking issue with the more open and accepting market of today, Nadia lamented that the olden times were better. “The best was that back then, 70 to 80 percent of the models were from educated backgrounds,” she said.

“Everyone had a similar aspiration. That lot, it really was the best time. Afterward, all kinds of girls became a part of the profession. Not even the council members cared if they were uneducated or did not have the height,” the model continued.

“There were no criteria, it was only about whether they could get permission. Where else are you going to get 40 models at once?” Nadia asked rhetorically. “Back in our day, we would gather 20 girls for one show… [The new models] were not educated. They did not have class or a personality.”

Nadia earlier launched a new makeup product – a makeup palette – for her beauty line. When the makeup artist Nabila Maqsood found out about her latest product, a war of words began between the two. The model’s product was similar to Nabila’s product.

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