Nabila Responds ‘Rudely’ To Criticism Over Not Donating PPE Kits To Frontliners

Nabila Responds Criticism Donating PPE Kits

Currently, the whole world is suffering due to coronavirus and apparently, there’s nothing in anyone’s control to stop it. Businesses are down, hospitals are full, people are dying, it literally seems like the world is about to end.

In such turmoil, there still are some humans who are raising the bar and taking a leap forward to help each other in these harsh times. Undoubtedly, the frontlines, doctors, and their families are now at a much higher risk of contracting the disease. Well, recently, the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) backfired towards stylist Nabila badly.

Nabila’s positive step backfired badly

A well-known name in the media industry, Nabila recently announced on her Instagram that she is about to reopen soon. Further, she added that her salon staff will adhere to strict precautionary measures including PPE while working. Apparently, it seems like a great step in easing the situation down but unfortunately, the masses weren’t happy with the decision.

Quoting as stated, ”The service industry is suffering the most. We all have a choice. We can either live in the circle of concern, freak out, watch the news or wait for things to happen, or we can live in the circle of influence and take full charge.”

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Later, Nabila then posted a small clip from her salon where it can be seen that the workers are wearing complete PPE kits. Moreover, anyone coming into the salon is first sanitized and then checked for temperature before proceeding. Well, soon after the posts went up, netizens started criticizing Nabila saying that those PPE kits should have been donated to the frontlines.

The harsh responses

Eventually, Nabila also lost her cool and rudely responded to some of the comments made on her approach. While the majority of people called it a tactic to attract business, some even called it a wastage of PPE kits. As per sources, an earlier comment made in anger by Nabila which is now deleted said that several factories are currently manufacturing the PPE kits.

She said, ”We have more PPE than required at the moment as all garment factories are making PPEs and masks. Hypocrisy means saying something and doing something else. We are doing what we are saying. It’s a lot better than waiting and asking for govt to pay us.” Well, if that’s the case then why is there a shortage of testing kits and masks in several hospitals across Pakistan?

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