NAB Is Summoning The Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Yousuf Baig Mirza!

yousuf baig mirza

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) decided to summon Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Yousuf Baig Mirza due to a case regarding the misuse of his power along with more than 2000 appointments in the Pakistan Television (PTV).



NAB’s Claim Surrounding Yousuf Baig Mirza:

He had been appointed as a special assistant in late 2018. Before this title, he was the managing director of Pakistan Television (PTV).

A statement suggests the time provided to Mirza to defend himself from the accusations, “An inquiry had also been initiated against Mirza and he has been summoned next week to record his statement on several allegations against him,”

The claims mention that Mirza actually became the head of Pakistan Television around three times without having the necessary qualifications for it. Not to mention, he didn’t even meet the criteria set by the television regarding who deserves the position. Moreover, this is a common case within Pakistan where people without the requirements tend to make it big. But there is no way to combat that because it keeps developing as an engraved part of Pakistani society, where the concept of money can guide people towards a higher spot.

yousuf baig mirza

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NAB has tried to out the details from the information ministry about Yousuf Baig Mirza serving as a managing director for three terms. Moreover, he is also facing accusations towards hiring 2325 people during his stay as the director as well. Additionally, many of the officials had been appointed without looking at their credentials. It appears that Mirza gave away worthy positions to individuals that did not deserve the spot. Often, the deserving were cut in line with people that came to claim the spot without any required eligibility for it. He also supported employees with fake educational degrees while violated his power to award unworthy people within the organization.



However, Yousuf Baig Mirza is claiming that the inquiry against him has been cleared by the bureau. And that he is in the safe. He said, “The inquiry against me had been closed twice in the past and I don’t know what NAB is trying to get out of it now,” also mentioning that it is recommended to respond back to these claims.

It seems like a serious issue with multiple allegations that NAB is making sure to resolve. Moreover, the people that had to suffer through such injustices would experience the necessary equality as well. PTI will also ensure to remove his presence from the party so that there are not any additional issues to deal with.

In all seriousness, issues like these result in the suffering of Pakistani youth because they cannot accomplish the spot that they work hard for. If it is going in the hands of an individual that barely strives for it then what’s the point? The constant lack of opportunities is also a major reason behind the horrific mental state of the youth of Pakistan.



What do you think? Do you believe that he will get to suffer the consequences for playing with the law or is it going to result in a release? Share your thoughts.

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