NAB Asked Pakistanis To 'Say No To Corruption' Then What Happened

NAB Asked Pakistanis To Say ‘No To Corruption’ What Happened Next Will Leave You In Fits

Say No To Corruption -

Pakistan, a country where nothing goes unnoticed especially when it involves social media, has brought us another gem. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), has been sending random texts to users all over the country, with one particular message.

The text messages are being sent out randomly (if you have received them, it’s about time you STOP warming your palms).  Screenshots of the message surfaced on social media, and some Pakistanis had befitting replies with a twist of wit and satire for the NAB department.

Beware, you better lock up your money in a safe-house before team NAB hits your premises and finds… well, nothing, because most of us are broke, so they aren’t in for much – This is a public service message.

Say No To Corruption -


This is the message NAB has been sending to people all across the country…

And this is how the satire-brigade responded to our honorable institution

When you’re about to take a handsome amount of money under the table and NAB catches you off guard…

When NAB forgets about you like your girlfriend does and you continue cheating… (Mushtaq Raisani likes this)

When you do not get a text from the Bureau – and then it hits you, you’re bound to die forever alone…

When NAB forgets to take a deep look inside its collar and starts pointing random fingers… in millions…

When you take a look up the hierarchy and think… “Woh nahi chorta corruption toh maine bhi nahi chorni…”

The most practical measure NAB can take is to charge you for corruption upon deleting this message…

The moral of NAB is not actually ‘Say no to corruption’ – it’s ‘Sharing is Caring!’

When NAB doesn’t care about the money but is not a huge fan of Lays… (Team Oye Hoye)

Whatever the case is, Pakistanis are never going to stay aloof of the State departments meddling in their private lives, just as the citizenry is not allowed to interfere in works of the government, the practical position of the people is firm and witty as ever.

However, on a more serious note, corruption is one of the scourge most plagues of Pakistan which deserves to be nipped in the bud. For decades, Pakistan has complained of corruption all over the country, in every government run department, especially by the leaders. Small steps taken at every level, starting from oneself, can go a long way. Remember, charity begins at home.

Say no to corruption!

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