NAB Chairman Approves Investigation Of Sugar & Wheat Scandal

NAB Chairman Approves Investigation Of Sugar,Wheat Scandal

A detailed investigation will soon be carried out on all aspects of the wheat and sugar scandals in Pakistan, according to a statement released to the media by The National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

NAB announced that a decision to investigate reports of plunder worth billions of rupees through price grouping, smuggling, alleged subsidies and various other aspects of these crises were taken during a meeting of the executive committee of the bureau. The meeting was presided on by NAB Chairman Justice (R) Javed Iqbal.


Earlier in January, Pakistan was facing a dearth in the supply of both wheat and sugar. This has now led to an increase in prices. It has also lead to massive criticism of the policies of the government.

PM Imran Khan under pressure due to sugar, wheat scandal

Being under severe pressure due to the allegations put forward on him that his allies are involved in the crisis, PM Imran Khan announced an investigation on the case. He promised that strict punishment will be taken for anyone found guilty of reaping profiting from this corruption.

Two reports were published by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on the 4th of April on the crises. These reports were made public. The report exposed Khusro Bakhtiar and Jahangir Tareen as well as PML-Q’s Monis Elahi and their relatives as being directly involved in the scam.

They were reported as the main beneficiaries of export subsidies. This was at a time when the commodities were already short in the country.

The forensic report on scandal could be out by 25th April

PM Imran Khan termed the inquiry reports on sugar and wheat crisis on April 6 as “unprecedented”. PM added that he will wait for a forensic report on the scandal before taking any action. The report is expected to be prepared by 25th April.  The PM announced that no powerful lobby will be able to gain undue profit on important commodities.

On the same day, The Prime Minister also reshuffled his cabinet. This was the third time he has done that since the federal government was formed in August 2018.  Sources on 6th April also suggested that Jahangir Tareen was removed from his position as the chairman of Pakistan’s Agriculture Task Force.

Source: The News

However, the reports related to his removal were denied by Jahangir Tareen as he stated that he was never appointed to any position in the first place.

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