5 Weird Things We Believed About The Undertaker And Still Can’t Get Over!

Perhaps the greatest ever gimmick that the World Wrestling Entertainment managed to pull off was The Undertaker. And why not? The Deadman graced our childhood with some of the entertaining things he did. Not to forget, we got to watch a world class piece of wrestling as The Undertaker was a skilled fighter.

He was the personification of a dark, grim and wild gimmick. Evident to his entrances where he would walk out in the wrestling ring clad in the attire as a real undertaker of a graveyard. We enjoyed it more than any other WWE wrestler’s entrance.

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We admit that we tried to imitate the WWE superstar multiple times. We tried to pull off his maneuvers, broke our beds fighting our pillows as The Undertaker and what not… One can certainly say that The Undertaker graced our childhood and we indeed have many memories to count.

The 33rd edition of Wrestlemania was aired during the dawn of 3rd April. The main event saw The Phenomenon and Roman Reigns competing against each other. What an enthralling match it was and The Undertaker surely showed Reigns who he was up against. The script wasn’t in the favor of the Deadman and he had to lose. The Undertaker retired following his defeat Reigns. It shook the entire world. Tributes, heartfelt messages, and emotions started pouring in for The Undertaker.

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We are to celebrate the stunning career of the Deadman and for all those reasons he remained a special part of our childhood.

So, let’s recall all the urban legends and myths people, particularly Pakistanis believed about him.

1. The Undertaker has 7 lives

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Yes, and once all 7 of the Undertakers appeared in the wrestling ring. We were freaked out to find that there were so many Undertakers and what if one of them found us and killed us!

2. Kane and Undertaker are brothers

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In WWE, they were made real brothers. Kane was his step brother. It was quite a gimmick of rivalry and at the same time brotherly love. People who have brothers looked up to both, at least I did…

3. The Undertaker rose from the dead in 1994

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This is the most notorious one. People started believing that he died in some kind of accident or buried himself. All of a sudden, there were rumors everywhere that he rose from his own grave.

4. There were 2 Undertakers, and the one today is different than the one before

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This might be the most famous one! Well, there indeed were 2 Undertakers. One was a fake one created by the WWE, but the Deadman we have all been watching from our childhood is the one and only Mark William Callaway.

5. He could never be killed

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Rumors that he could not be killed. How could you kill him even? He rose from the dead and if you come near him, he’d put you in your grave, so there was no chance you could kill the Deadman.

Our childhood was ruined once we realized that all these were myths and legends about The Undertaker. It was a sad day indeed. Yesterday was even sadder when we saw our favorite wrestler retiring.


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