Mysterious and Unusual: Delivery riders queued outside a house in Karachi


There’s people who love eating out, then there’s people who get food delivered and then comes the type which needs 15 delivery riders to satisfy their hunger.

Friday night, a leaked CCTV footage went viral in food groups where a crowd of delivery riders were standing outside a house in karachi. The video showed a little chaos and panic with the riders lining up one after the other. The motive of so many riders at the same place wasn’t disclosed and hence, remains a mystery.

Netizens started guessing if it was a lost order, a revenge prank, a Mcdonald’s lover or an app glitch. Some food lovers even related their cravings with the amount of food ordered and some shared incidents of how their offices look during lunch time. While some people showed concern for riders’, others showed envy for missing out on some great food.

This video initiated banter around the delivery riders and food chains being in demand. While the video is certainly becoming the talk of the town, let’s hope the mystery gets solved soon.

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