My Work Experience At National Institute of Blood Diseases (NIBD) Was Absolutely Not What I Ever Expected

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It was an amazing day when I joined NIBD, as it was a new experience for me to work in a hospital where blood cancers and blood diseases are treated. I started working there with a thought in mind that working in a hospital is as same as working in a corporate field.

Gradually, time passes and I came to know that, right-now whatever I’m doing is something DIFFERENT. It’s not only to work for a company and get salary, it’s something totally different, it’s about FEELINGS and EMOTIONS for others; it’s about feeling the same pain as others; it’s about working and helping not for money but for the happiness – a never-ending happiness that comes when you help someone with no cause.

At NIBD, I have seen a lot of patients fighting for their lives. Most of them are suffering from BLOOD CANCER, some from blood disorders like Thalassemia and Hemophilia (a genetic disorder in which a child needs the blood transfusion on regular basis to survive). With the help of government, NIBD offers free treatment of Bone-Marrow Transplantation (Costing Rs.3500,000 to 40,00,000) to needy patients, but still, patients are sacrificing their lives not because of money (as treatment is free of cost) bud due to the shortage of blood.

A lot of patients are begging for their lives, they want nothing, but your donations of BLOOD. For the bone-marrow transplant, one patient needs 80 to 100 blood products, can you imagine the blood requirement for such 1000 patients?

They are appealing…They need our help, They need us! Come forward and give them a gift… “A GIFT OF LIFE”. To fulfill blood requirements of patients, NIBD arranges BLOOD DONATION CAMPS. Take initiative and help them in arranging the camp at your organization. Your one positive gesture can save one’s life. This step not only serves the humanity but also will be beneficial for donors.

How is Blood donation camping beneficial for Donors?

Firstly, serving people is like serving God. Secondly, donor’s blood will be screened out and following blood tests (Costing Rs.6000/=) will be FREE for them. Blood Group Test, Hemoglobin Test, Hepatitis B Test, Malaria Test, Hepatitis C Test, Syphilis Test, HIV Test Reports will be provided to each donor.

Why blood donation at NIBD?

Blood is a life-line for us but infected blood can transmit viral infections like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV. Therefore, Blood screening is necessary before Blood Transfusion. At NIBD, blood testing is performed by ABBOT ARCHITECT, using Chemiluminescent(CMIA) Technique, which is the most sensitive and reliable screening system.

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