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My Inter Academy is the platform that caters to one of the most important factors of education system today, that is to manage stress. The hazardous component which is least discussed has been called to action by the acclaimed entity, My Inter Academy. In today’s fast paced world, where competition is the most thrived element in all the sectors and it often fails to cope with the aftermath of the aspect, that is solely stress. My Inter Academy identified this as matter of importance. Exam stress, lack of interest in particular subjects or no urge of attending class sessions are a few components that are found in every other student nowadays. The stress plays a major role in diminishing the overall academic progress. It hinders the student from excelling and gradually makes it harder for them to compete in the future as well. The fear of stress lessen the need to trigger enthusiasm in one’s self. It does not allow a student to participate in future academic activities as the history of failure keeps haunting the poor souls.

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However, My Inter Academy provide solutions to all these problems that are not addressed in an explicable manner. The platform has initiated a fruitful campaign that embarks awareness in teachers, students and parents’ altogether. In a student’s life, two entities that play vital roles are their teachers and parents. If these two epitomes fail to comprehend the dilemma of a student who keeps struggling with the fear of stress and failing one after another, then it must also be considered as failure of its parents and teachers both equally. They are the main figures for the call to attention.

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My Inter Academy is renowned for its interactive learning sessions that ensures learning in comfort and manages stress. It covers all the subjects from matriculation and intermediate alike, from Sindh and Punjab board. Free videos are available day and night so that time constraints should not remain a problem anymore for the students. They can extract advantage of these videos at any time and at any place. All the lectures are made with extreme attention focusing on all the tiny and major details of a particular topic of any subject. Once a student is enrolled in the program, he can have the access to the top trending lectures at a premium quality level. My Inter Academy uses the Glass Technology feature to ensure atmosphere similar to attending live class sessions. There’s unlimited access to the recorded lectures so that a student can learn on its own pace. Playing and pausing the video as per the need. Academic assessments, quizzes and games are also available so that a progress can be assessed on self-basis. Weekly tests are also made available for the students to get a check and mark on the weak areas. Furthermore, there are WhatsApp groups for detailed discussions and concerns. It aids to answer the queries made on demand.

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My Inter Academy

My Inter Academy is the working platform of Learning Pitch. In a short span of time it has gained huge remarkable success. In 2019, and Learning Pitch has been awarded by the Asia Pacific ICT alliance (APICTA) as the best Ed-Tech award, the first of its kind in the field of education. Out of 1200 applicants, the Learning Pitch has made to the top 3rd selected candidates in the National Health Hackathon.

My Inter Academy

Not only this, the Learning Pitch has also been awarded by the PASHA ICT as the best Education Technology Company in Pakistan. Another hit milestone was touched when My Inter Academy’s show was aired on the national television PTV.

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