My Heart Bleeds [Poem]

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I saw a child ,eight summers old
His face was ruddy,his hair gold
One glance I threw ,upon the child
Whose eyes were blue,whose lips were red
His beauty caste a spell on me,
I praised God , bending on my knee

I saw a land
Whose men freed themselves
From the servile bond,
Were their features,
A land where people saw full moon
And enjoyed flowers in full bloom
Fields so fresh’n green
That is appeared as a land in dream

At once
I heard a blast
Here now, I stand gazing all around
The spell is broken
The land of dream shaken,
On glancing fresh blood on the ground of those ,
Whose features were love,friendship and valor.
My heart bleeds ,
On what my eyes see



I see the child’s body,
Whose body lifeless lay,
Whose dreams ,snatched away
His blue eyes, wide open ,
As if , asking God :
Why did it happen?
Why my lord,
My heart bleeds
Asks why?
There come within no reply!
There comes a soldier and says,
Terrorists are dead!
Nobody could have fled
The child is dead!
The blood ,so red ,
Many tears my eyes have shed,
My heart bleeds !
And pleads!
Peace! Peace !Peace

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