Muslims Were Asked These Hilarious Questions And You Just Won't Believe It!

Muslims Were Asked These Hilarious Questions And You Just Won’t Believe It!

In Pakistan, people feel hesitant about asking private questions. Whether it is about the first night of marriage or the person you are in love from ages, our society restricts us from openly discussing such issues. But do you know that the social media has changed the dynamics of every aspect of our life?

We now have Facebook and WhatsApp groups, different questions answers based websites for all sort of private conversations. These groups and websites are especially helping the home-based women who need help or serious advice.

Some people think that the Facebook and WhatsApp groups have replaced the questions and answers website Quora, it has now lost its charm. But there are some people who still prefer Quora because of a wide range of specialists are there to answer your question. Upon searching, here are the few questions we found extremely hilarious!

1. Do Muslims not realize there are pork molecules in everything they eat and drink due to Avogadro’s number?

Source: Gfycat

What does Avogadro’s number got to do with this, bro?

2. Are Muslim people forbidden to kiss after marriage?

Source: Tenor

They can do EVERYTHING after marriage!

3. Can one wear a bikini at a mosque?

Source: Tenor

Yes, under a burqa!

4. As a Muslim, how do you find your spouse?


Kyun bhai? Humare haan love marriages nae hosakten? Humara dil nae hai kya?

5. What are the rules and limitations of wife beating in Islam?


Yes, according to Council of Islamic Ideology Chairman Maulana Sherani, you can beat them lightly… *no offense plis*

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6. As a Muslim, would you kiss someone who eats pork even after he/she brushed her teeth?

Source: Tumblr


7. Why would a Jinn want to become a Muslim if Islamic scriptures call his species wicked and in aligning with the devil?

Source: the Pakistani girls’ guide

Kya dimagh paya hai janab ne!!!

8. How do religious Muslim girls act when in love? Is there a way to understand that?

Source: The Review with Mahwash

Yes, they’ll tell you by throwing a chappal or ask you for some time. Dude, they are human beings too!

9. Can Muslim women wear bikinis?

Source: Tenor

Yes, they can wear them at home!

10. Can a Muslim married couple kiss in public?

Source: Google Plus


11. What can I do to unify Sunni and Shia Muslims?

Source: Tumblr

Ask them to shake hands like good humans!

12. Can a Muslim go to ‘garba’?

Source: MZB

Yes, if ‘log kya kahenge wale log is off to bed!

13. I don’t want my husband to have hoors in Jannah. What should I do?

Source: diKHAWA Fashion

Start praying for your death so that you could be in heaven before him!

14. Can women stay single in Islam?

Source: MZB

Until the rishta wali aunty comes at your home.

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