These Muslims Were Thrown Out Of An American Airlines For Speaking Arabic

These Muslim Men Were Thrown Out Of An American Airlines For Speaking Arabic

The United States of America – the super power controlling the entire world; a power-hungry country which has racism written all over it from decades. United States of America – a country that used black population and traded them off as animals or even worse. A supreme country, yet a shallow one when it comes to the treatment they have towards the Muslims and other minorities.

As soon as Donald Trump became the president of the United States, the minorities felt threat rising in their hometowns and districts. While the president hasn’t taken any radical actions against the minorities as of now (so far so good), the majority of the country is continuously creating unneeded uproars. Similar is what happened to these Muslims who were flying through the famous American airlines, Delta.

Earlier today, Muslim YouTube star and prankster Adam Saleh and his friend were kicked out of Delta airlines because he was talking to his mother on the phone in Arabic.

Facebook: Adam Saleh

Facebook: Adam Saleh

According to Adam in the periscope he shared live through his official Twitter and Facebook handle while he was removed from the plane, he and his friend Albaher were told to leave the plane because they used Arabic to communicate to one another. While Adam was talking to his mother on phone in Arabic before the plane took off, the passengers sitting next to the two felt “discomfort”.

Here’s What Happened

Note how people in the back kept saying “bye” to these two Muslim men in an absurd, mocking manner. And not so surprisingly, no body came forward to help these two men.

Adam Shared More Updates As Well

And obviously, people did not like the behavior of the airlines either.

Because Habibti, They Hate Us Cuz They Ain’t Us? (Sorry)

They Deserve This!

Like Adam said in this video, “It is 2016 and I can’t believe you are throwing us out,” racism still exists in many parts of the world, even in the most powerful ones.


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