Muslims Have A Message For Donald Trump Which He Fails To Understand

The students who don’t prepare themselves throughout the year for exams and rely totally on the last moment preparation is the typical situation I choose it to Donald Trump’s current situation. One after one, his opponent Hillary Clinton is revealing the sinful acts he made.

The best part is, these acts are proving to be the perfect “blast from the past” and it is something he is unable to handle. Recently, his video in which he was using lewd and sexually aggressive language while talking about women hurt his fan-following and comforted his rivals. Eventually, Trump cannot do anything about it, except braying in support of his party’s symbol.

Another attempt done by the members of The Nuisance Party, a party famous for playing the popular and humorous game during elections was putting a billboard in the Interstate Dearborn. But it was no ordinary billboard – the billboard had a message for Donald Trump written in Arabic. In translation, this is what the message said: “Donald Trump, he can’t read this but he is scared of it anyway”


Source: National Review

Kitty Kurth, the spokeswoman of Cards Against Humanity told a newspaper that the billboard is tongue-in-cheek with the serious message behind comedy.

According to Kitty, the reason behind placing the billboard in Dearborn, Michigan is because of the large Arab-American population there. Imad Hammad, the longtime activist of Arab Detroit and Muslim Community, explained the feelings of Arabs in Michigan. He said that, “I heard little voices raising in support of Donald Trump as Mrs. Clinton didn’t address them.”


Source: The Hill

The people of Michigan consider Donald Trump as racist bigotry, a person against their Islamic faith. The billboard is placed there with the purpose that Trump always shows his ignorance on everything which he has no clue about.

The Presidential Elections 2016 are going to be the most important event of the year. The entire world is anxiously waiting for November 8, the day that will decide the future of Pakistanis in America as well.

More than 100 US companies are operating in Pakistan, which makes US as the major source of investment in Pakistan. A country where 39% of people are living in the multidimensional poverty and the highly educated candidates are searching for jobs, we cannot afford this burden.

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