WATCH: Municipal Workers In India Dump Dead Muslim Man’s Body In Garbage Van

WATCH: Municipal Workers In India Dump Dead Muslim Man's Body In Garbage Van

Hindu-Muslim tension in India has taken an all-time low turn. As a video of Hindus dumping a dead Muslim’s body in garbage van in the presence of the police surfaces the internet.

Recently, a 42-year-old Mohammad Anwar died outside a government building. Later, his body was dumped in a garbage van in the presence of police and taken away.

The unfortunate act was recorded and the video since has been doing rounds on social media.

Muslim’s body dumped in a garbage van

A video shows that an old man dead’s body was dumped into a garbage van in the presence of Police, in Uttar Pradesh. Four municipal employees and three policemen, including a sub-inspector and two constables, have now been suspended

The deceased was a resident of a village in Balrampur. According to Indian media, the man had gone to a government office where he fell unconscious and later died near the gate.

After the poor soul passed away the police present at the spot as well as municipal workers refused to touch the body fearing the deceased to be a COVID suspect.

Later after much time had passed, the body was carried away from the spot but in a garbage van.

Watch the video here:

Viral video causes social media uproar

The video has gathered a lot of attention on social media. Many have been criticizing the Indian government and law enforcement agencies for religious discrimination and injustice.

Similarly, a video surfaced the internet in which an Indian doctor shared her opinion regarding Muslims living in India. However, she had no guilt in saying Indian Muslims should not be provided with any medical treatment.


Hindus have resented their Muslims long before the British conquered India. Since then it has been a long-standing war brewing in the heart of radical Hindu extremists.

From the barbaric treatment of Muslims in Kashmir by the Indian government to denying  COVID-19 infected Muslim patients treatment. The unfairness and hypocrisy live on.


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