WATCH: UK Police Violently Drags A Muslim Father Away From His Dying Daughter

UK Muslim Father dying daughter

Astonishing footage has emerged on the Internet of UK police officers violently dragging a grieving Muslim father, also a doctor, from his dying daughter’s bedside. Moreover, they handcuffed him for disputing with hospital staff, shortly after being told that her life support was being withdrawn.

During a violent scuffle with four policemen in the UK, Dr. Rashid Abbasi, the Muslim father, was forcibly removed after he refused to leave his six-year-old dying daughter Zainab. It is to be noted that Dr. Abbasi has worked as a respiratory expert in the UK’s National Health Service for more than 30 years.

His wife Aliya, also a former doctor also got grabbed from behind and pulled from the bedside. The helpless lady fell backward on to the floor.

UK Police Officers Drag A Muslim Father Away From His Dying Daughter's Bedside

Source: TRT World

The video, from a UK officer’s bodycam, showed the moment that the police arrived at the intensive care unit room. In addition to this, the poor Muslim UK based father can be seen holding the hand of his dying daughter and near his wife. Moreover, 30 minutes prior to the arrival of police, the parents were told that the hospital staff would remove their daughter’s life support.

UK Parents of a dying six-year-old daughter thrashed

Zainab suffered from a rare genetic illness, namely, Niemann-Pick syndrome. As her condition turned critical at the time, her doctors had informed Dr. Abbasi, and his wife they had decided to remove life-support and allow her to die.

UK Police Officers Drag A Muslim Father Away From His Dying Daughter's Bedside

Source: TRT World

Subsequently, the couple insisted they wanted the hospital to try a treatment they believed would help. She went against the advice of the hospital’s doctors, who claimed nothing more could be done and she should be allowed to die.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the following video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

As the dispute escalated after the police constantly asked the 59-year-old father to step outside the ICU room. However, he refused to leave and continued holding his daughter’s hand. As a result, officers removed the Uk based Muslim father by force, dragging him away from his to be dying daughter’s bedside.

UK Police Officers Drag A Muslim Father Away From His Dying Daughter's Bedside

Source: TRT World

In the disturbing video, Rashid can be seen resisting the police before being slumped on the floor. Not only that but also shouting that he had chest pain and needed his medication. “I’ll have a heart attack,” can be heard in the video. Moreover, he was later told he had suffered a heart attack and had an angioplasty procedure the next day.

The resulting confrontation between the Northumbria Police officers and Dr. Abbasi got filmed by police bodycam and has been released as part of the case. Additionally, the incident took place in August 2019, and the six-year-old daughter Zainab of a Muslim father lost her life in September 2019 in the UK. Meanwhile, the parents of the girl are to fight legally for justice. There have been other incidents involving Muslims fighting Islamophobia daily in the UK.

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