This Doctor Urges Pakistanis Around The World To Practice ‘Sabr’ This Eid

Muslim Doctor Urges Pakistanis Around The World To Practice 'Sabar' This Eid

To those who remain unaffected by the ongoing pandemic, COVID-19 may seem like a distant enemy. But in reality, it is lurking in the corners waiting to pounce at the most unexpected times.

While people are busy shopping for Eid and markets are overflowing with shoppers with no protocols followed, doctors around the world are combating the unforgiving disease every day risking their lives and the future of their families.

As stated by the Smithsonian magazine, the coronavirus “love crowds.” And the month of Ramadan in Pakistan is all about crowds – whether it’s Taraweeh prayers, iftars, or Eid shopping.

As an eye-opener Dr. Nabeel Afzal, a Cardiologist is working hard to help people affected by COVID-19, tells us what is truly happening. In a video posted by the doctor, he shares how COVID-19 is truly something that can’t be taken for granted.

“I was asked by my other doctor colleagues to share a video today in the hope that it will become an eye-opener for those who think COVID-19 is irrelevant,” he said.

In the video, he highlights Eid festival as the primary concern. “More than 60 thousand people have lost their lives to COVID-19 in the UK alone. Every day we witness five to six thousand new COVID-19 cases and 400, 500 deaths every day.”

Why the Pakistani community is at greater risk

“In our community, we live together as a joint family. Average families consist of kids and elderly combined. The elderly may be suffering from Diabetes, heart problems, and other medical conditions.” Said Dr. Nabeel.

“On Eid specifically, we tend to socialize a lot and that includes hugging, shaking hands, and more than usual physical contact. An average Pakistani family will have more children than a British family and that alone puts us at great risk,” he added.

Around 300 medical professionals are affected by the deathly disease as they risked their lives helping those affected by COVID-19.

 It is crucial to know what to do on Eid

Gatherings and house parties can bring forward a second deadly wave of COVID-19.

“Please don’t think the dark days are behind us. I urge all not to socialize this Eid. Your secret house parties can cause great harm as one person who might not show any signs of infection can infect the whole party unknowingly.” he said in the video.

We have celebrated Eid grandly all our lives, just for once we can practice caution, not only for ourselves but for the lives of the ones we love.

Watch Video here:

Dress up nicely, cook lavish meals but celebrate Eid only with the people living inside the boundary of your home. For the rest you have the internet, use your phones to reach out and connect all you want, but this Eid stay at home.

History repeats itself

“As Muslims, we should learn from our past. Our history is filled with lessons to help mankind flourish today. Like on the battlefield of Uhud, Sahaba thought the war was behind them and went on collecting the Maal-e-Ganimat, and that’s when the enemy attacked from behind.” said Dr. Nabeel.

This Eid practice Sabr

“Please do not take COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines for granted, celebrate Eid responsibly. Your patience today can save thousands of lives,” he concluded.

Doctors are being hailed heroes around the globe as they risk their lives battling the ongoing biological warfare. It is time citizens stood by them and help them overcome this pandemic. Not just for each other but for the sake of humanity.

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