Muslim Couple Distributes Free Coronavirus Relief Packages In Scotland!

Muslim Couple Coronavirus Relief Packages Scotland

We often think about humanity as the reason Earth is no longer a safe place to live. However, this Muslim couple shows us that good people are still out there.

As of now, the world is full of chaos and evil, with the advent of the novel Coronavirus, several countries including Italy are in lockdown. Countless people are suffering from the fatal disease with the number of affectees increasing with each passing moment.

Muslim couple distributing Coronavirus relief packages in Scotland!

A Muslim couple from Scotland, owner of a corner side shop, decided to protect others from the deadly Coronavirus. If good resides in your heart, you will always opt to help others instead of tormenting others to fulfill their greed in this hard time. Giving out free COVID-19 kits around the village is one of the good – selfless deads that’s what the world needs right now.

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Nonetheless, Asiyah and her husband Jawad from Scotland decided to prepare kits for the elderly and needy of their town. It is a proven fact that infants and elderly people are more prone to die from Coronavirus as their immune system is incapable of fighting the virus. Therefore, this couple is more focused on helping the old residents of their small town, Falkirk.

What the relief package contains!

Particularly, the distributed package contains a hand sanitizer, a pair of gloves, and masks to help them fight Coronavirus. Village of Falkirk is definitely proud to have citizens like Asiyah and Jawad.

Currently, there are 19 cases of COVID-19 in Scotland, Asiyah spoke with the media and expressed her gratitude for the victims. She said that it is not possible for them to provide the package to every house; so they are also giving away free stuff from their shop as well.

Furthermore, a town resident shared his experience, expressing his love for the kindness and enthusiasm of the young Muslim couple. He further said that rather than making a profit out of it, they are doing a selfless act.

The story behind the noble decision!

We have seen people having a change of heart, here is the story of Asiyah, which urged her to help those in need.

As per the details, Asiyah had earlier seen an elderly woman crying because she could not afford the required products to prevent Coronavirus. The elderly woman was saddened by the fact that all the young people were stocking products in excess; while on the other hand, she couldn’t afford a single item.

Asiyah Jawad

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, Asiyah observed and decided to help the needy by giving out free packages. A single package cost them 2 pounds and the couple has distributed around 300 till now.

Talking of humanity, another story just crossed my mind which also proves that this planet des hold some good people in it. Previously, a young woman had forgotten her wallet in a parking lot and a guard safeguarded her belonging till she came back.

Such heart-warming stories revive the lost hope again. They make us feel a part of a greater world. It makes us do the right thing and care for the people who can’t even afford basic necessities of life.

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