Muslim Convert Sonny Bill Williams Went for Umrah And Muslims Focused More on his Tattoos

Whenever a non-believer converts to a Muslim, especially a famous public figure, they make news worldwide. Be it in their world or be it in the world of Muslims, there’s entire new feeling to not just the man or the woman herself, but towards the Ummah as well.

When someone embraces Islam, they are like a newborn – all their previous sins are removed and everything, for them, begins from the scratch.

Sonny Bill Williams is the first player to play for All Blacks. Before embracing Islam, Williams was involved in various alcohol-related incidents and other activities that reflected badly.

In 2008, New Zealander rugby player Sonny Bill Williams stepped foot in the right direction – he embraced Islam. To start the new year in the right direction, he went for Umrah a few days ago.

Sonny Bill Williams Took It on Social Media and Shared his Umrah Journey


Instead of Congratulating the Man on Performing the Umrah, Many Muslims Were Concerned about his Tattoos

And Here Comes the Clarification


The Other Debate that Took Place Was how the Saudi Government Has Banned Taking Pictures in Makkah


There were little to none comments regarding people congratulating Sonny Williams on his Umrah but more debate over his tattoos.

Indeed upsetting to see how we shift our attention from matters that account to more. The tattoos were on Williams body before he embraced Islam. He is not only a different man in terms of his religious identity but also spiritually.

Congratulations to Williams on performing Umrah. May Allah bless you with more!

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