Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Leader Dies

Gomaa Amin, 81, passed away in London after falling ill. He had left Cairo two months before the coup that saw the removal of President Morsi in mid-2013.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Gomaa Amin, the Deputy Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, passed away in British capital London on Saturday, the movement has said.

The Brotherhood said in a statement that Amin died at the age of 81 after falling ill.

Amin had left Cairo to London two months before the army ousted elected President Mohamed Morsi in mid-2013 following massive protests against his administration.

Egyptian authorities have launched a massive crackdown on supporters of Morsi and his embattled Muslim Brotherhood group, detaining thousands and killing hundreds.

In December of 2013, the military-backed authorities declared the Brotherhood a “terrorist” group following a spate of attacks against security facilities.

The authorities accuse the Brotherhood of condoning violence, a claim dismissed by the group, which says it is committed to peaceful activism.

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