Ever Wonder How Can You Offer Namaz In Space? Meet The Muslim Astronaut Who Has Done It!

Ever Wonder How Can You Offer Namaz In Space? Meet The Muslim Astronaut Who Has Done It!

Is there anything more beautiful than a Muslim and his resounding faith? Indeed, when you go deep in terms of faith, you simply do not see anything becoming a hurdle in letting you practice it. Such is the beauty of the relation between Allah and his creations are. Once you dive deep in the art of Divinity, you are a different person.

Namaz is obligatory on all Muslims. Our religion lays great emphasis on the observance of regular prayers. It leaves no exception for missing Namaz 5 times a day. For this fact and all the nurturing a believer dramatically embraces in his life following offering regular prayers, he just does not let anything stop him from breaking this pattern.

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When you offer regular prayers, anytime and anywhere without any excuses, it outright reflects your commitment and discipline to faith. It is absolutely appreciatable and one should be always encouraged about it. We can easily come across people who do not bother the time or place and simply bow down to Allah as they see a chance. But have you met someone going beyond all limits in perseverance for it?

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Have you ever heard about someone who offered Namaz in space? It is a question worth asking. We bring you a Muslim astronaut who offered prayers in space. Yes, truly in space where there is absolutely no gravity at all.

But how did he manage to do it? Considering you experience a sunrise every 90 minutes and you have tons of things to do in your space shuttle and above all, the moving International Space Station simply cannot face Holy Makkah exactly!

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This Malaysian Muslim has defied all limits. He offered Namaz in space and it’s easily the best story you’re reading today!

Meet Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, he is a crew member on board the 16th objective of International Space Station. Dr. Sheikh is a devotee and he saw no chance for mighty space to abstain him from offering Namaz. For him, offering prayers and reciting the Holy Quran is a significant part of life.

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Is it even possible on Islamic grounds?

Well, he tells that Islamic scholars made it clear that he should have his very best intention to kneel while offering Namaz. He had to use the local time from where he launched for the space missing for the timings of prayers for himself.

As a Muslim, I do hope to do my responsibilities. I do hope to fast in space. – Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar

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Angkasa, a Malaysian space agency consulted around 150 Islamic scholars and scientists to find out whether praying in space was possible and clear out their confusion.

Every time you see the Earth, you get goosebumps and you think of Allah’s creations. – Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar is not the first ever Muslim to travel in space. He happens to be the 9th and his commitment and devotion to Allah is commendable. He is simply an inspiration to us who are always on the look for excuses for not offering regular prayers. He defies all excuses and simply sets an astounding example for all of us!

Kudos to Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar and thanks for enlightening us!

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