Mushtaq Ahmad Explains the Real Story Behind Umar Akmal – Mickey Arthur Controversy

Umar Akmal has been in the news yet again for all the wrong reasons. This time, it’s not breaking a signal and fighting with a warden, it’s not even dancing or eating grapes and clearly not posing with a goat. Umar Akmal accused Pakistan’s head coach Mickey Arthur of mistreating and abusing him. We don’t really know the truth behind it, Mushtaq Ahmad has something to say about it.

Here is the video:

Mushtaq Ahmad explains what exactly happened and what Umar Akmal said. He said that Mickey Arthur only asked Akmal to improve his fitness level and told him that he has been giving so many chances already. It obviously seems like Umar Akmal clearly didn’t like hearing the reality.

Failed fitness tests.

source: dawn

According to Mushtaq Ahmad, Mickey Arthur only pointed out Umar Akmal’s fitness level telling him how many times he has failed to clear the tests. There is no falsity in how many times Akmal has failed to prove fit for the team. Let it be his fitness level or his performance. For a long time now, Umar Akmal has failed to perform and his lack of consistency is no news.

Slang was used by Mickey Arthur

source: dawn

Mushtaq Ahmad further explained that Mickey Arthur explained everything very passionately and in a rather harsh way. He said that Mickey Arthur did not directly target Umar Akmal but used slang. Apparently, Umar Akmal clearly misunderstood Mickey’s words and took it all to himself.

Everyone has their own stories regarding this incident, but whatever the truth is, we really hope this gets solved as soon as possible and whatever happens is best for Pakistan cricket. We miss the old Umar Akmal with his green neon lipstick and the times when he actually used to score and not fight with coaches, traffic wardens, grapes, and goats.

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