Pregnant Woman & Husband Allegedly Beaten By Restaurant Staff In Murree

Murree Hotel Mafia Beats Pregnant Woman & Husband For Using Their Washroom

Some videos and photos doing rounds on different social networking sites showed tourists insulted, abused, and physically thrashed by some people who were alleged to be locals. Murree locals allegedly tortured a man and his pregnant wife.

As the government lifted COVID-19 restrictions across the country, the tourism sector began to come out of the lurch after a hiatus of five months. Murree experiences an influx of tourists throughout the year. However, due to the lockdown, people could not go there. Whereas now, Murre has once again flooded with tourists.

Murree is known for its hotel mafia that treats the tourists appallingly. In addition to this, Murree witnesses the rising incidence of maltreatment of tourists in general and the manhandling of female tourists by hotel agents in particular.

Murree Hotel Mafia Beats Pregnant Woman & Husband For Using Their Washroom
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Last year, the government imposed section- 144 against the mafia and decided to deploy special tourist protectionist force in Murree. Many tourists and locals admit that there have been some isolated incidents troublesome to both.

Currently, Murree has been receiving hundreds to thousands of tourists per day. However, even though business activities are resuming, many visitors especially ladies still feel insecure.

A man and his pregnant wife allegedly beaten by hotel staff

A number of videos have been circulating on social media where the local hotel staff and management can be seen beating its customers. The incident took place on September 12, 2020. Moreover, it took place at Gloria Jeans Coffee Shop near Murree Expressway.

2nd video Gloria Jeans Incident – more to follow!گلوریا جینز کافی شاپ واقعہ کی دوسری ویڈیو

Gepostet von Murree Development Forum am Sonntag, 13. September 2020

In one of the clips the man can be heard yelling, ‘my wife is pregnant, my wife is pregnant’. According to sources, the hotel staff tortured a family because of using the hotel washroom. On the other hand, some suggest that the man had an exchange of hot words with the hotel staff.

As the rumors suggest, the staff of Gloria Jeans tortured and manhandled a family brutally. Not only did they beat the man, but also his wife who was carrying a child. In the video, you can hear the man, who himself got beaten, yelling that his wife is pregnant.

Other rumors regarding the viral video

On the other side of things, some people have suggested that it was the owner of Gloria Jeans who was beaten along with his wife. It is being suggested that tourists bashed the owners for being asked to not use the GJ washroom.

Whatever the case may be, the police needs to investigate it asap.

مری میں سیاحوں پر تشدد کے واقعات تھم نہ سکے۔ فیصل آباد کے سیاح اور خواتین پر ہوٹل کے عملے اور انتظامیہ کا تشدد ۔ انتظامیہ نام کی کوئی چیز موجود نہیں

Gepostet von Sajid Sheikh am Sonntag, 13. September 2020

Subsequent to this incident, the videos went viral on social media in which the hotel staff misbehaves and beats up the tourist family. As pathetic as it sounds, the victims were beaten over an extremely petty issue.

Investigation has begun

According to reports, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has taken notice of the torture of tourists, including women, by hotel staff on Murree Expressway.

Moreover, the CM has sought a report from the Rawalpindi commissioner and RPO about the incident. The tourist family is being treated at THQ Hospital. He said that the responsible would be brought to justice and the victim family would be provided justice.

The police have obtained the record of CCTV footage. The SP Sadr said that the matter was being investigated and merit would be ensured.

Misbehaving with tourist families, including women and children, is a continuous practice by the Murree locals. People on social media have voiced their opinion against the Murree mafia and many believe that the only way to counter them is by avoiding visits to the city altogether.

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