Reportedly, CM Murad Ali Shah’s Brother In Law Is Coronovirus Infected!

Murad Ali Shah Brother In Law Coronavirus

As per reports, brother in law of Chief Minister (CM) Sindh has been tested positive for COVID19.

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah’s relative tested positive for Coronavirus, reports suggest!

Reportedly, Mehdi Shah, brother in law of Murad Ali Shah fell prey to Coronavirus. Mehdi Shah recently went to Iran and had come back from Syria a few days ago.

CM Sindh Brother in Law coronavirus

Source: The news

Well, the deadly pandemic of Coronavirus is getting dangerous day by day. As it is already announced that eight new cases of Coronavirus have been reported in Pakistan.

However, sources say Mehdi Shah is under treatment in a private hospital of Karachi. However, many are saying the piece of news is a rumor. 

Besides, five people infected with the COVID19 arrived in the land of pure from Doha via Syria. Moreover, three victims reportedly landed in Karachi from the United Kingdom via Dubai.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is an extremely contagious virus. The Virus was first found in Wuhan, China. Reportedly, the virus has hit more than 98,000 people, of which 7,100 are severe. Moreover, the disease has hit around 90 countries and territories, with unusual spreading in Central China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran. Furthermore, approximately 3,350 people have expired: As per statistics, 3,000 in China and around 350 in different countries. Besides, more than 53,000 people have fought the virus successfully. 

The advance countries are working day and night to make a vaccine for the deadly virus. Sadly, no significant breakthrough has yet been observed. The Virus has also affected Pakistan economically. 

Murad Ali Shah Brother In Law Coronavirus


If the news of the virus attack on CM Sindh’s brother in Law is true then it is quite worrisome. As the virus has reached the Syed family of the Sindh. Although, a patient of Coronavirus successfully recovered, yet many new cases are putting the country in danger. 

The Pakistani government is not yet ready to tackle the pandemic, being a third world country. There is already a financial crisis is going on in the country, the nation could not afford to fight the global pandemic. 

In this scenario, Pakistan needs to take the pragmatic remedial measures. The government should strictly observe all those who traveled to Iran and the Middle East. Similarly, the government should seek the list of those admitted to any hospital for pneumonia. Similarly, families and friends of the infected people should be quarantined on war-footings. 

Such measures would definitely help Pakistan in curbing the global menace of coronavirus. Furthermore, Pakistan has no options besides observing and tracing the affected one’s families and friends. Possibly, these steps will halt the virus. Hopefully, the vaccine of the virus will be made soon so that people may witness relief.

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