This Young Award-Winning Writer Claims ‘Mubashir Lucman Stole His Content’

Young Award Winning Writer Claims 'Mubashir Lucman Stole His Content'

A young award-winning science journalist Syed Muneeb Ali, whose work was published in national papers, is claiming that renowned anchorperson and journalist Mubashir Lucman has stolen his content.

According to Ali, he pondered upon a YouTube video “where Mubashir Lucman is just reading my complete article from DAWN news and he didn’t even dare to mention the author or the publisher.”

In conversation with Parhlo Ali said, “I wanted to see the video because of its contents. I am passionate about astronomy and space sciences. When I saw that Lucman has done a video on it I was eager to see it.”

‘Lucman stole my content’

“As the video progressed, I began to notice familiar words and phrases in his talk. Upon further investigation, it dawned on me that those were my words. I wrote an article for Dawn on July 6, 2017,” said Ali.

“As I went into detail, I realized that not only he is quoting my words but has copied the whole article as his own research.”

Read Ali’s article here:

“I was shocked to see such unethical behavior from a senior journalist” he added. Ali also complained to the National Response cell for Cybercrime but got no response.

‘Cybercrime gave no response to my complaints’

Ali also made a YouTube video to aware the masses about how well-known journalists are copying the contents of emerging journalists. However, nobody is there to protect the intellectual rights of a writer/creator.

Ali’s video showcased a side by side telltale. On one side is Mubashir Lucman’s show‘s clip from December 27, 2019, on the other is Ali’s article from dawn published in July 2017.

Here is the video by Lucman with the alleged copied content.

‘Unethical journalism needs to stop!’

Ali said the sole purpose of him raising a voice today is to ensure that the same doesn’t happen to any other emerging writer/creator.

He fears this violation of media ethics is increasing day by day and if we didn’t stop this, future writers will be discouraged and the country will face tremendous loss.


Disclaimer*: The content of this story is based on evidence that was provided by the aggrieved party.

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