Multan Sultan’s Owner Skips Match To Attend Aurat March 2020!

Aurat March Ali Tareen

Aurat March 2020 becomes a highlight for many since Multan Sultan’s owner skips his own team’s match for it. Ali Khan Tareen shows his admiration for what’s more important to him.

Controversies and rumors about Aurat March are yet to flood our timelines and we are yet to see what happened. Still, we are glad to see influential people join Aurat March and stand for what’s right.

Ali Khan Tareen on Aurat March 2020!

Ali Khan Tareen, Businessman, Co-owner of Multan Sultan, and a politician is a renowned person in Pakistan. Being an influencer to many, Ali’s decision to skip today’s match and march for a cause shows dedication.

Ali Khan Tareen proves that if you urge to do the right thing, there are no excuses that stop you. Moreover, Ali took to the social platform of Twitter to express his vision of Aurat March.

Moreover, some might argue that this is a good political move but we can’t know what’s in the heart. Everyone appreciates Ali for doing what he thinks is right.

Ali replied on his tweet trying to further explain his vision of Aurat March. He said that he marches for the betterment of his daughters and everyone’s daughters.

Ali Khan Tareen Aurat March 2020

Source: Pakistan Today

Also, he showed his concern about forced marriages and forced pregnancies, condemning harassment in every way. We have all witnessed how women face difficulties in their day to day activities.

Oppression should end, Aurat March!

Uneducated and frustrated men have taken a corner to exploit their rights and their freedom. We have all debated about freedom of speech and freedom for everyone. But do we apply these laws in our lives?

Furthermore, it is not easy to accept the mischievous which resides in our society, however, we can work together to remove them. Find a way to eliminate such acts from our society, and this shouldn’t be restricted to women only.

There are boys, girls, children, and infants being misused in our society for who we should take a stance. It is the need of the hour!

Aurat March 2020

Source: BOL News

Regardless, all I know for sure is that we as a society should comply with the needs of the oppressed. We have no clue about the people suffocating themselves. That is all that Aurat March is about!

Harassment has many shapes, it can be bullying as well. Bullying is a problem that has been there for ages, killing the confidence of thousands of youngsters.

Moreover, it is time to teach our kids how to be kind towards others. Feminism is not a myth, not a thought, it has become a vital part of our society.

Nonetheless, we should respect everyone’s views and perceptions, and start accepting people for who they are, not what we want them to be. Aurat March 2020 is yet to show more of it!

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