This Reporter's Worst Fear Came True, That Too, In-front of Camera

This Reporter’s Worst Fear Came True, That Too, In-front of Camera

Remember the time when we used to browse YouTube endlessly and discover funny and weird videos made by Pakistani people? Well, it was when we discovered a gem starring a news reporter and locals which went viral back in the day…

A news reporter got famous after a video of him appeared where he’s seen feeling agitated surrounded by locals who are constantly bugging him and not letting him report.

So, if you don’t remember this, you are too young, bro…

Well, this guy has come a long way now. This video went viral like crazy and people still use its reference today. Memes and viral banter followed… Even it was integrated into a dubsmash!

He returned, got viral again and HOLY COW it didn’t end well…

Watch the video that is taking a toll on social media. Poor guy and his team got knocked by a cow.

It wasn’t the reunion with the reporter we were waiting for. Jokes apart, hope he and his crew member did not endure injuries and are safe and sound.

Shortly after this video started circulating the social media, it recreated into memes and catch phrases which should also get viral. It’s like a whole viral-cycle this guy has amassed on the social media.


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