High Altitude Mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara Becomes First Pakistani To Scale Manaslu Peak!

Muhammad Ali Sadpara

Putting your esteemed passion and dedication in a particular direction always pays off with a positive outcome. Pakistan creating a worthy image in the global market and emerging as an intellectual nation has embossed its mark at many international forums. Not only in this era but the brainy Pakistanis, time to time, have been stunning the world by their brilliant capabilities in every field of work. Among other talented nationals, recently, renowned mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara created history by scaling the Manaslu peak of Nepal.

Famous mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara scaled the 8th highest peak in Nepal!

Besides Muhammad Ali Sadpara, the country holds a lot of other passionate mountain climbers who aspire to make a worthy name. In making Pakistan proud, earlier this year in July, 10-years-old Selena Khawaja became the youngest person to peak a 7000 meters mountain and that was just another addition to the country’s achievement gallery. Already having a vast experience of scaling the highest peaks of the world, famous mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara recently scaled the 8th highest summit ‘Manaslu’ without supplemental oxygen and became the first Pakistani to do so.

The mainstream media was filled with praises for the Pakistani mountaineer!

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The record was made under the sponsorship of the Pakistan Army!

Sponsored by the Pakistan Army, Muhammad Ali Sadpara took part in the recent Seven Summit Treks (SST) in Nepal and achieved the Manaslu summit after tirelessly trekking through with four other Sherpas on Tuesday. Belonging to Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan area, Sadpara attained it without carrying any oxygen supplies with him and the nation is extremely proud. This is indeed a commendable record made by any Pakistani beyond international waters.

Nepal Sanctuary Treks

According to Karrar Haidri, Secretary of the Alpine Club of Pakistan while congratulating Sadpara stated, “The rope-fixing team deployed by Nepal’s Seven Summit Treks (SST) is the first team to climb the mountain in the autumn season. It reached to the summit point at 1:45 pm local time on Tuesday, opening its climbing route above Camp IV. The team had left for the high camps on Friday to open the summit route. It battled for hours to trace the route due to deep snow. However, finally made to the summit after the mountain witnessed fair weather.”

Not only Manaslu peak, but Sadpara has scaled a total of five 8000 meter peaks!

Also known as the ‘killer mountain of Nepal’ because of the high death toll on it, scaling through the Manaslu peak was sure a life-threatening adventure for the mountaineer. Till now, the courageous Muhammad Ali Sadpara has scaled all the five 8000 meters heightened peaks of the world including the second-highest ‘K2’ in the world. While the climber has also scaled Pakistan’s Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and II and is the only Pakistani to scale the widely known Nanga Parbat in last winters.


Aiming to scale every mountain of the world, Muhammad Ali Sadpara will soon attempt to scale the ‘Dhaulagiri’ massif of Nepal. Earlier this year, another Pakistani Shehroze Kashif became the youngest mountaineer to successfully summit an 8000 meters mountain. In the midst of fulfilling the high range dreams, previously, many climbers have lost their lives due to various circumstances. Pakistanis are way too proud of Sadpara and praises are all over digital platforms.

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