'I Was Joking': Mufti Masood Gets Software Updated After Endorsing Child Marriages In Viral Video

‘I Was Joking’: Mufti Masood Gets Software Updated After Endorsing Child Marriages In Viral Video

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A famous Pakistani religious scholar Mufti Tariq Masood came under fire for a viral video of one of his sermons in which he was seen promoting pedophilia and child marriages. Seeing all the backlash, and public concern, the mufti has come up with an explanation of what the video was actually about.

In times when pedophilia is a major rising concern in our country, mufti Masood joked about the grave issue. And if we were to quote him, he said, “Change my name if I don’t get you a fourth and virgin wife after you marry three widows or divorcees.”

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Basically, the mufti guaranteed his followers not just one but either four or two minor brides as their fourth wife if they marry three widows or divorcees.

“Mufti Tariq Masood will find you a 16-year-old or two eight-year-olds or four four-year-olds,” he promises his listeners.

More so, he literally laughed off such a disturbing comment. Not to forget how a child or a woman becomes a victim to the unspeakable crime on daily basis. Every other day we come across a case of sexual assault, who possibly has the heart to joke about such a thing?

Mufti Tariq Masood explains the context of his ‘joke’

A recent video of the cleric has surfaced on the Internet in which he explains himself. According to him, in that bayan, he mentioned an incident.

“The incident was to teach a lesson that nowadays old aged people either do not get married or want young girls.”

The incident consists of a man who says he wants to get married. However, the other person told him that he is too old, but he insists that he wants a 16-year-old girl only. Then that person told him that at this age you will not get a 16-year-old. To this, the man said, “Okay then two, eight years old each.”

Mufti Masoodstates, “As a joke, I said to the person telling the incident that if not 8 years old, then two 4-year-olds. So I mentioned that incident as a joke, and then suggested to people why not marry a widow or divorcee.”

“You marry three widows or divorcee, I will get you a fourth virgin wife, I said. And then I linked it to that funny incident,” he explained.

“Moral of the story was to stop searching for such young girls, and whoever you find easily, just marry her. However, the way people cut the video and used it to bash me was stupid. Even in that small clip, it is obvious that the maulana is not preaching to marry a four-year-old. It was just a joke, but people took it seriously,” he added.

According to him, any ‘sensible’ and ‘educated’ person would have understood it. Apparently, he is disappointed in people for not acknowledging the first part of his video. The fact that he asked people to marry 3 widows or divorcees. He thinks people do not want this idea to be promoted and displayed anger on the other part.

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Earlier, while many were furious over the mufti’s viral video, others claimed that he said it ‘on a lighter note’. But is this really something to be brought up on a lighter note?

Holding a religious title comes with a bag of its own responsibilities. Needless to say, people listening to his sermon are inclined to be disillusioned by the rank and credentials he holds. Last time, the same mufti came under fire for claiming that ‘addiction to women is more than drugs‘.

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