Mufti Menk Savagely Roasts Reham Khan Over This Picture and My God, It is Funny!

Mufti Menk Savagely Roasts Reham Khan Over This Picture and My God, It is Funny!

If you have been paying attention to the whole political scenario of Pakistan lately, then you must be well aware of what Reham Khan is up to. The former wife of Imran Khan continues to make headlines every now and then. She has been surrounded by a tidal wave of controversy, especially for her bitter resentment against her former husband and his political party. Not just that, her infamous and highly anticipated autobiography took a toll on people because it was based on content that would make everyone’s eyes go wide!

Reham Khan manages to stay relevant on top of her former husband being engulfed by a controversy

Recently, Imran Khan visited Baba Fariduddin’s shrine and was apparently seen kissing its doorstep. He was heavily criticised by the religious fraternity for such a gesture. Meanwhile, Reham Khan made sure to tweet this:

Moving on, this woman has not really stopped. This time around she posted a picture of her with a beard and dressed up how religious men in Arab do.

There she goes again… You cannot, just cannot unsee this!

Obviously, Mufti Menk could not have let it go and decided to take a jab here…

“superimposed herself on to” oh Mufti Sahab, you are one funny maaaan.

She explains by claiming that it is a photoshopped picture sent to her by some PTI supporters or members who are up to their crazy antics!

Reham expresses how she is a huge fan of Mufti Menk and follows his preachings.

She went on saying how she would not be disrespecting the Mufti by doing something like this by herself.

Reham says she is being abused and bullied by PTI supporters ever since she criticized Imran Khan over his visit to the shrine.

She went on and on and on…

The likes of Reham Khan are making the whole political scenario of recent times more interesting. People are on a roll with their reactions, and yes, you may have guessed it right.

How can Hamza Ali Abbasi not sneak in to comment over the whole thing?

What do you guys think about it?

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