Mufti Abdul Qavi Faces Court For Advising Transgender Persons To Get ‘Married’

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The famous and highly controversial cleric, none other than Mufti Abdul Qavi, is yet again back with his antics! But this time he drew flak over what is being termed a piece of ‘unnatural’ advice to the transgender community.

Qavi was barred by his family of religious leaders from making public appearances. He never fails to land himself in trouble. Initially, gathered fame by getting his name dragged into the murder of Qandeel Baloch, the cleric did not stop giving out rogue statements since then. So what is it this time?

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In his recent conversation with a private TV channel, Qavi said that transgender people can get married. Giving an ambiguous statement, he said that members of the transgender community “can tie the knot like anyone else if they claimed to have either male or female abilities.”

Qavi, whose family ripped of his Mufti title earlier this year over his immoral activities, claimed that what he said, “aligns with the Islamic teachings”. However, his statement did not sit well with lawyer Hafiz Mushtaq Ahmed Naeemi. He filed an application against Mufti Qavi in a session court to register a case against him for his statement.

Additional Session Judge Masood Warraich heard the application. The applicant stated that Mufti Qavi’s statement was unnatural and would lead to open a way for committing sins and spreading vulgarity in the society.

Mufti Qavi finds nothing wrong in his statement

Naeemi was of the view that the purpose of marriage was not for fun only but for reproduction. Moreover, he said the transgender people do not have the ability to reproduce and requested the court to give orders to register a case against the cleric.

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The court has sought a reply from the police in this regard till April 14. Following the legal action, the cleric told Rohi TV that whatever he has said “is also mentioned in the Holy Quran.” More so, claimed that if he has said something wrong he is “ready to apologize.”

Not only did he used the sacred book to justify his statement but also maintained that a case cannot be registered against him over this statement.

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It may be recalled that last year, Mufti Qavi called ‘alcohol’ halal, which left everyone dubious about his religious knowledge. From openly talking about his favorite ‘drink’ to whatnot – countless evidence, yet somehow this cleric tends to get away with his controversial statements.

Recently, the social media sensation Hareem Shah posted footage of her slapping Mufti Qavi. He allegedly engaged in a ‘vulgar’ conversation with her.

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