Mud Covered Pictures Of Mohammad Hafeez Have Become A New Source Of Entertainment!

Mohammad Hafeez

Since the inception of social media, the world gradually has lost the code to privacy as the public stance now has strong roots within. Being a well-known personality in this modern and advanced world needs extreme patience to deal with critical criticism. But still, at times, the masses are hit with an unknown factor of a celebrity and that’s what Pakistani Cricketer Mohammad Hafeez did earlier today.

Topless Hafeez enjoying the vacay mood with his friends in the Carribean!

Commonly known as his nickname “Professor”, Muhammad Hafeez has been in various situations that lead to hateful comments from cricket fans. Previously, while Muhammad Hafeez was enjoying family time in Vienna, people criticized his wife and the internet was filled with hate. This time, some images posted by the cricketer on his Twitter handle created a laughing hysteria among social media users. In the pictures, Mohammad Hafeez can be seen having a good time in the Carribean, covered in mud, posing shirtless with his friends at the Saint Lucia island.

This is what the cricketer posted on his official Twitter handle!

In the current national cricket team, Muhammad Hafeez is not included because of his consistent out of form performances. The cricketer plays county tournaments of different countries and has also played in the T20 League in the Carribean. Widely popular by his nick ‘Professor’ because of his praisable tenure as a captain and the sheer intelligence he holds.

The internet frenzy has a lot to say on the pictures!

Apparently, the cricketer was spending quality time with his friends in the famous Sulphur Springs, Texas where he took a mud bath. Captioned ‘Had Great Fun Together’, the pictures posted became a trolling session for the internet awaam and the on-point humor made it more hilarious. Check out some of the entertaining replies Hafeez’s tweet received.

Something to ponder upon!

Pakistanis even started comparing muddy Hafeez with Vijay Raaz’s character in the Bollywood movie ‘Run’!

That’s some targeted sarcasm right there!

Lol! What is he even preparing for?

Apparently, that could have happened!

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Jokes aside, the mud bath is actually a practiced stance regarding various health benefits but the rotten education system has diminished the thinking capability of Pakistanis. The thing is that, taking a mud bath is fine but what makes it a laughing stock are the muddy pictures in weird poses circulating on the digital platforms. Well, being a well-known individual demand some social barriers which need to be adhered with but Hafeez looks much comfortable in sharing his personal space.

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