Ms. Aisha Shehnaz, A Turkish Widow from Lahore Who Was Continuously Harassed By her Boss is in Search of Justice!

Harassment is one of the biggest illicit vile acts conducted by the ‘sane’ humankind. Be it Pakistan or any other country in the world, harassment is carried out with the predators thinking they can get away with it.

Workplace harassment is getting common as women step foot to earn their fair share of income. With the common ‘typical’ patriarchal mindset flooding in the modern 21st men, taking advantage of someone becomes habitual.

Similar to this is what happened with Ms. Aisha Shehnaz who FINALLY will get the justice she deserves.

Brought Into the Knowledge of the General Public by Barrister Hassan Khan Niazi, Ms. Aisha Reveals that She was Harassed by her Boss, Kausar Niazi

Barrister Hassan Khan Niazi is the same person who played an active role in bringing justice to Khadija Saddique, who was inhumanly attacked by stalker Shah Hussain.

Born in Turkey, Ms. Aisha was married to a Pakistani and lived in Quetta for 23 years. After losing her husband in 1999, Ms. Aisha lives with her 2 sons in Lahore.

To make something on her own, Ms. Aisha started her own furniture business in Fortress Stadium, Lahore back in 2015. In the search for splitting the cost, she found Kausar Niazi who was willing to invest in the business as the partner.

However, the business still wasn’t doing well, forcing Ms. Aisha to the edge of selling her shares. She was then hired by Kausar Niazi as an employee and things took a rough shift.

Ms. Aisha was treated as a weak woman by Kausar Niazi – he took advantage of her position, sexually harassed her for months. He sent Ms. Aisha dirty sexual messages and nudes on WhatsApp. Ms. Aisha was then forced to register FIR against Kausar Niazi, but the police failed to provide any help for at least 2 years.

While Ms. Aisha was working under Kausar Niazi as an employee, the man did not pay her the due salary once. She was promised the monthly salary of Rs. 1 lakh and did not receive a single dime.

Here’s the Link to the Video:

Horrible to see how a woman who lacks the presence of a husband in her life is put in additional trouble based on someone’s vile, lusty mind. Worst to see how the authorities never understand the support such women need.


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