Mountain Dew Is Setting Up A Real Battleground For Zaid Ali And Ducky Bhai And Things Seem Serious!

Things just got ugly and pretty serious! We all know what happens on YouTube and well, a LOT has happened in a couple of months and literally shook the internet. The famous YouTubers, Ducky Bhai, Sham Idrees, Zaid Ali and Shahveer Jaffry have always been part of controversies and feuds. However, some people claim that these YouTubers pull off such stunts for mere publicity. But who knows, what if it’s all for real?

Here’s how it all started!

When you get roasted, you don’t just sit there quietly. So, it’s time for you to hit back!

After the heated exchange of words and YouTube videos, Yeah, how long are they going to fight like this for? That’s when Mountain Dew had to jump in for a peace intervention ‘THEIR’ way! Mountain Dew stepped forward and thought of organizing a REAL battleground, a gaming area for the two to fight it off! So the two YouTubers, Zaid Ali and Ducky Bhai have been challenged for a one-on-one PUBG match! How cool is that?

Have a look at what Mountain Dew had to say!

So, are you wondering if whether or not Zaid and Ducky bhai accepted the challenge? Well, have a look at this?

And this is what Zaid had to say!

LOOOOL. Ducky bhai to Ducky behn! Woah!

Their fans are super excited for this match and you know how they say, “sab doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani hojayega”. Yup, that’s exactly what’s going to happen!

So much excitement!

Even Samsung seems excited about it!

We can’t wait!


We all know how intense this match is going to be and we really can’t wait for it to happen! It’s about time this matter settles down for once and for all!

For those that want to witness this match live, it is going to take place in Lahore at Packages Mall at 8PM on 30th June. So, we’re calling all fans and gamers to be there to witness the match! And just in case, you can’t make it, you can follow the activity on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #GameUtha #AreYouGame!

So, are you ready??

So, who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below!

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