Mountain Dew’s Most Intense Gaming Showdown Just Took Place In Lahore And It Was Next Level!

On Saturday 31st August, the biggest and most intense gaming showdown rocked Lahore at the Expo Centre! The grand finale of the E-sport championship, Dew Gamers Arena 2019 powered by Samsung, was held at the Expo Centre, Lahore.

Over 10,000 people attended the event!

After a great success last year, Mountain Dew brought another frequently played game, PUBG Mobile to all the gaming lovers of Pakistan this year.

At the event, Dew Gamers Arena powered by Samsung called in gamers of PUBG Mobile, CS:GO and DOTA 2 from all over Pakistan and the qualifying teams that made it into the final round were witnessed live at this event. The hosts, Faizan Ul Haq and RJ Shehzad kept the crowd engaged throughout the event.

In the final moments of the tournament, the teams fought boldly and fearlessly for the coveted trophy and the Rs.1 Million prize pool per game.

The shout outs and cheers rose higher and the players were at the peak of their concentration. It was a fantastic win and the crowd went wild.

When we say the showdown was the biggest and the most intense, here’s what we mean! Have a look!

Check this out!

How cool is this guy!


This was not just a win for the teams, but a historical moment for gaming in Pakistan, for the second time in a row.  Big names of the industry like Irfan Junejo, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ushna Shah, Emaad Irfaani, Alyzeh Gabol and Kinza Razzaq were seen at the event showing their enthusiasm for gaming and congratulating the teams.

Emaad Irfaani looking sharp!

There was something for everyone who came to the event. VR Games, Play Station, Kinect and even old school Arcade games had their setups around the venue for everyone to play and enjoy.

And that wasn’t all!

The tournament had a lineup of incredible musical performances by Rindanum(a drum act), Fake Shamans, Pepsi Battle of the Bands winner AUJ and Ali Azmat, the pioneer of Pakistan’s music industry, who raised the heartbeats of the crowd. These pumping performances left everyone wanting more.

AUJ -The winners of Pepsi Battle of the Bands!

Finally, after a 2 months long journey with 1250+ teams, Dew Gamers Arena finally got their champions. Team Bablu lifted the PUBG title, Gaming Hub were crowned champions for CSGO whereas Recreational Hazard won the Dota 2 championship. All the three teams took home a whopping cash prize of RS 1Million each. The top 5 teams of PUBG also received Samsung Galaxy A50 phones.

Thanks to Mountain Dew, the gaming world of Pakistan has reached a whole new level. Mountain Dew came through on its promise! Bringing us bigger and bolder platforms every year, and we can’t wait to see what Mountain Dew will do next!

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